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People stunned by a video of the Grand Canyon's sunset just after thunderstorms

BP World Bureau | Sep 28 2022 10:56:18 AM

You may have seen films and seen pictures of sunsets in many locations. Have you ever witnessed the sun setting over the horizon right after a thunderstorm, though? 

This fantastic video demonstrates that. As thunderstorms roll over the area, the breathtaking Grand Canyon sunset is captured in the video.

On the Grand Canyon National Park's official Facebook page, the video was published. It had a thorough description when it was uploaded.

“One of the best times of the year to watch the sunset at the Grand Canyon is during the summer monsoon. Thunderstorms sweep over the Canyon in the afternoon, dispensing heavy rain and violent lighting. If we are lucky, they depart just before sunset, the lingering clouds and distant lightning making for one of the most spectacular light displays on Earth. This lightning storm was at least 40 miles away, making it safe to film on the rim. Spend a Minute Out In It under purple and gold skies near Yavapai Point,” it reads.

On September 26, the footage was shared online. The video has received more than 5,000 views since it was posted, and that figure is rising. 

“Incredible. I'll never forget watching the sunset over the Grand Canyon. Should be on everyone's bucket list,” posted a Facebook user. “Nature at her most incredible!! Thanks for sharing,” wrote another. “Thank you for sharing this awesome storm!!” commented a third.