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COVID-19: India Crosses 1-Lakh Mark In Daily Cases, Migrant Workers Leave Mumbai Fearing Lockdown

BP World Bureau | Apr 05 2021 12:03:28 PM
Image credits: BP creatives

NEW DELHI: India crossed the one lakh mark in the daily COVID-19 case count for the first time ever since the pandemic began. 

The number of COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus disease) cases has risen to 1,25,89,067.after reporting 1,03,558 cases of the disease in 24 hours. 

So far, in the country, there are 7,41,830 active cases, 1,16,82,136 people have recovered and 1,65,101 people died.

Maharashtra state has the highest number of cases, followed by Kerala and Karnataka. 

Due to this massive spike, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a high-level review meet.

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After Maharashtra reported over 57,000 cases of COVID-19 in 24 hours, migrant workers in Mumbai have started leaving the city for their hometowns fearing a second shutdown after their horrifying experience last year. 

There are over three million migrant workers in Mumbai from different parts of India. 

India’s 100 million migrant workers live hand-to-mouth and are dependent on daily cash payments and don't get any compensation.