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Delhi to strictly enforce mask fines because of the COVID spike

BP World Bureau | Aug 12 2022 10:37:53 AM
Covid Update

The district officials in Delhi have started forming teams to strictly enforce the mask mandate and issue a fine of Rs 500 to violators, given the COVID cases and the positivity rate rising in the state.

The district magistrates have been instructed to ensure that the laxity that had set in due to the reduction in cases is corrected and wearing masks in public places is strictly enforced, a senior Revenue department officer said.

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority(DDMA) has noted that the positivity rate of COVID-19 infection has increased in Delhi over the past fortnight, according to an order issued by the South Delhi district.

"The DDMA, after examining all the relevant facts related to the issue of penal provisions for not adhering to the covid protocol of wearing of mask at public places, decided that, in relation to the clause 3(h)(c) whereby not wearing of face mask/cover in all public places has been made an offence, a fine of Rs 500 for not wearing of face mask/cover in all public places in Delhi will be imposed," the order said.

It said the fine would not apply to persons travelling together in private four-wheelers.

The South Delhi district magistrate has formed three teams to enforce wearing face masks in public places.

The teams will work under the supervision of tehsildars from the concerned sub-divisions, who will monitor the enforcement exercise and report daily the number of challans issued to the district's Coordination Branch.

Each team will comprise 15 civil defence volunteers besides the district officials to visit public places such as markets.

Strict compliance with COVID protocol will be enforced given the spike in infections, said South East district magistrate Isha Khosla.

"We will ensure that Covid-appropriate behaviour is followed at crowded places such as markets, which are attracting more crowds due to festivals," she said.

"Enforcement teams are being formed, and their number will be increased if needed. The number of teams in the sub-divisions depends on need at the ground; it is 4-5 at present," she added.

Delhi on Wednesday reported eight deaths due to coronavirus, the highest in nearly 180 days, according to data shared by the health department here. The city on Wednesday reported 2,146 new COVID cases with a positivity rate of 17.83 per cent.

The number of active COVID-19 cases in Delhi stands at 8,205, down from 8,506 the previous day. According to the update, 5,549 patients are in home isolation.

Earlier this week, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the government was closely watching the situation and would take all the steps needed.

He, however, said that despite the rise in COVID cases, there was no cause for panic as most new infections were mild.