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Doctor Reveals 'Telltale' Sign that Suggests Omicron Variant

BP World Bureau | Dec 23 2021 10:30:48 AM
Image credits: Twitter

NEW DELHI: A physician has informed about a "telltale sign" that suggests possible Omicron infection.
Dr Amir Khan, from UK’s National Health Service, said that if there are sweats that drenches and the person might have to get up and change clothes, is a possible indicator of Omicron.
Omicron variant of COVID-19 has been rapidly spreading across the globe and starting the surge in infections.
First detected in South Africa, this variant is highly mutated and believed to show a higher resistance to vaccines.
However, its severity is believed to be low when compared to the original strain and Delta.
Covid infections with Omicron are less likely to result in hospitalisation, according to a UK based study.

Spain, Finland, Chad, Lebanon, Bonaire, Gibraltar, Monaco, and San Marino are in the US's list of 'high risk' nations.