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Ways You Can Find Yourself Eating Better While Working From Home

BP World Bureau | Jun 21 2021 04:56:09 PM
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With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a change in the lifestyle of many people who are working from their homes. Many have found it hard to eat healthy food at the right time and have found themselves eating unhealthy snacks. 

This can lead to a serious weight gain and nutritional imbalance in our bodies and therefore lessen our productivity. Some tips to keep healthy while working from home are :

Planning your meals beforehand - Making a food planner during the weekend will help you plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner and buy groceries needed for the week.

Have 2-3 hourly meal reminders - We are often engrossed in our own work that we forget to eat or drink. These alarms or reminders help us remember to have food at the best time. Make sure you do not ignore your alarms as missing your break will have you eating more than required.

Go for healthy snacks - It is best to refrain from snacks like biscuits or fried food and go for a much healthier option like roasted unsalted nuts, vegetable sticks, dry apricots, etc. Make sure they are accessible to you easily as you don't have to waste time.

Do not eat from bags or containers - Take out a small portion of the food and keep it in a box so that you do not eat too much in one go. It is best to portion out your meals

Only focus on eating while you eat - If you are distracted while eating, it can lead to over-eating and leave you less satisfied with your meal.

Focus on nourishing foods and meet your protein requirements - Foods rich in nutrients will make you more focused and have a positive impact on your mood and energy levels. Your daily protein requirements should meet 1gm/kg body weight. It is good to eat foods rich in nutrients like vegetables, fruits and healthy fats and foods good in protein like chicken, fish, milk and eggs. 

Drink plenty of water - It is important to stay hydrated because water increases the body's energy levels, detoxifies the body, treats constipation, regulates body temperature and relieves fatigue.