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How to make your life beautiful through 'laugh'

BP World Bureau | May 02 2022 09:52:01 PM
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Laughing inspires hope, brings people together, lightens the burden, makes your thoughts positive and most importantly it is the best medicine for overall health. It also enhances physical and emotional stability and reduces the risk of heart attack. The fitness expert says like exercise and workouts, everyone should spend some time laughing more.

You can start a new day with a smile, smile is the beginning of laughter. Instead of looking down at your mobe phone, just look at their eyes and give a smile. It will boost your confidence to speak. Simply make a list of positive incidents at the end of every day. Count your blessings, not your faults. Make sure to spend more time with positive and fun people. They can easily make you happy. Also, bring humour into your conversations, for example, you can share your thoughts and funny incidents in life.