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ICMR Says COVID 3rd Wave Anticipated But Less Severe

BP World Bureau | Jul 16 2021 11:06:56 AM
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NEW DELHI: Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) informed that COVID-19 third wave may hit India at the end of August and will not be as deadly as the second wave, which was seen in April this year. 

Dr Samiran Panda, the head of epidemiology and infectious diseases, ICMR, expects a third less severe wave of novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is expected.

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Dr Panda listed things that could lead to the third wave of COVID-19;

  1. Drop in the immunity among people against the disease acquired in the first and second waves.
  2. Possible variant of SARS-CoV-2, virus that causes COVID-19, that can bypass the acquired immunity,
  3. Premature easing of COVID-19 curbs by states can lead to a third wave. Public should continue to follow social distancing measures and wear facemasks. 

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India has reported 38,949 cases of COVID-19 and 542 deaths due to the disease in 24 hours, continuing to see a drop in the number of cases in the daily toll recorded.

According to the union health ministry data, there are 3,10,26,829 cases of COVID-19 and out of that, 4,30,422 are active cases, 3,01,83,876 people have recovered and 4,12,531 people died.