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IMA Writes To CM About Kerala's Unscientific Lockdown

BP World Bureau | Jul 15 2021 09:07:33 AM
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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Indian Medical Association (IMA) wrote to Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan regarding the unscientific lockdown measures in the state, calling it "ineffective."

As per reports, Kerala has been seeing a huge surge in COVID-19 cases compared to the other states. 

The Kerala chapter of IMA said that the current lockdown restrictions actually encouraged people to crowd near shops and establishments.

As per the letter, Kerala government to change the protocols for testing for COVID-19 cases and that contact testing/tracing is the need of the hour.

IMA pointed out how leaving shops open for a few days a week is a bad idea because people will visit the shops more, leading to a crowd.

"Home isolation of COVID-19 patients was an effective strategy, it has now proved to be ineffective in Kerala this year," said IMA in their letter.

Because houses with one positive patient are now turning into COVID-19 clusters. Therefore, positive patients should be put in FLCTS (First-line treatment centres).

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About the state's vaccination process, IMA condemned the government for not roping in private players as 70% of the population depends on them. 

“Private players were ready to distribute the government vaccines free of charge and by even foregoing the service charge," said the letter.