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Indian-Americans Face Different Forms Of Discrimination: Report

BP World Bureau | Jun 09 2021 05:28:14 PM
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At least 50% of Indian Americans have faced some form of encounter discrimination within a year in the United States. 

Apart from their skin colour, gender, religion, country of origin and caste, in that order, a new survey revealed. 

US-born Indian Americans are more likely to complain of discrimination as opposed to those who moved in to the US, according to the survey by Johns Hopkins University, University of Pennsylvania and Carnegie with polling group YouGov.

The survey is titled Indian American Attitudes Survey (IAAS), based on a poll of 1,200 Indian Americans — including citizens, Green Card holders and Non-Resident Indian (NRI).

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This survey was conducted in September last year, during Donald Trump's tenure as the president. 

Under his administration, hate crimes against minorities have reportedly increased, notably against Asian Americans, over the COVID-19 outbreak, which Trump and his supporters had taken to calling the “China Virus."

However, the data didn't specifically imply if Indians felt any different before or after the Trump era.