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How Menopause Can Affect Woman’s Brain

BP World Bureau | Jun 16 2021 09:07:23 PM
Image credits: Twitter

A new study has shown that the brain undergoes changes as one approaches menopause.

When approaching menopause (peri menopause), periods start to become irregular and hormones begin to change. Decreasing levels of glucose in these women’s brains affect memory and perception and as a result they may have depression, brain fog and inability to focus. However, a new study found that these changes were temporary and the brain becomes normal after menopause in many women.

The grey matter that was high in pre menopausal women, decreased during perimenopause and then became stable after menopause. However the study also found that in women with a gene that has a high risk of Alzheimer’s , their produces a huge amount of protein called amyloid-beta. Huge amounts of this protein in one’s brain can result in Alzheimer’s.