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Mentally Tiring Work Triggers Possible Diabetes In Women: Study

BP World Bureau | Mar 18 2019 06:00:38 PM
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As per a study published in 'European Journal of Endocrinology', women who do extremely tiring work are at the risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes. Mentally tiring jobs like teaching put women at risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes and organisations and working women should be aware of health risks of doing mentally tiring jobs, warns the study.

The study that took 22-years conducted by Dr Guy Fagherazzi and colleagues from the Centre for Research in Epidemiology and Population Health examined about 70,000 women to find how the mentally tiring work is affecting them psychologically, physiologically and physically.

"The factor that is increasing the risk of Diabetes in these women are not determined yet. This finding simply underscores the importance of considering mental health and tiredness as a risk factor for diabetes among working women," said the studies.

Over 24% of the teaching profession expressed their mental health issues. It was reported that 21% had the risk of getting Diabetes, this is independent of other factors that might lead to the same such as obesity.

Factors that might result in diabetes include BMI, physical activity level, food habits, smoking status, blood pressure and family history of diabetes.

"Greater support in stressful work environments could help to prevent Type 2 diabetes among women,” said Dr Fagherazzi.

Dr Fagherazzi added that the study is intended to encourage people and organisations they work in to improve working conditions for women.

As a disease, Type 2 Diabetes, apart from the lifestyle inconvenience increases the risk for other issues like heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, kidney failure and blindness.

Proper diet and exercise can help in preventing diabetes. Studies have revealed that excess intake of refined carbohydrates increases the risk of Diabetes.