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Omicron Infects Faster But Causes Less Severe Infection

BP World Bureau | Dec 16 2021 02:33:35 PM
Image credits: Twitter

NEW DELHI: Omicron variant of COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus disease) infects faster but the severity of illness is likely to be less severe, according to a study by the University of Hong Kong.
Omicron infects and multiplies 70 times faster than Delta and the original COVID-19 strain, SARS-CoV-2 in human bronchus. Bronchus is the airway in the lower respiratory tract that takes air into the lungs.
Which is why it may transmit faster between humans than previous variants.
Michael Chan Chi-wai, Associate Professor at University of Hong Kong, isolated and studied the virus.
“It is important to note that the severity of disease in humans is not determined only by virus replication but also by the host immune response to the infection, which may lead to dysregulation of the innate immune system,” he said.

Omicron variant was discovered and identified by researchers in South Africa. It has been transmitted to various countries.
Omicron can partially escape immunity from vaccines and past infection, said the researchers.