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What Is Orgasm Anxiety And Why Women Experience It?

BP World Bureau | Jul 30 2020 02:31:47 PM
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Orgasm anxiety is a health issue experienced by a person due to the inability to perform or enjoy sex. It is mostly a psychological issue that arises due to unnecessary thoughts regarding how sexual intercourse can affect one's body. 

Women experience orgasm anxiety more than men, mostly due to concerns that are backed by a lack of knowledge about sex and a culture that regards sex as taboo. 

Added to that, women take time to an orgasm compared to male counterparts, thus there is an orgasm gap.

Dr Nupur Gupta from Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI), said that women are not empowered about their sexuality and they start to make their own theories. Women have to be aware of how their bodies work and respond. 

Dr Gupta highlighted that it is natural for people to experience orgasm anxiety.