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Why Smiling Depression Is Difficult To Treat

BP World Bureau | Nov 23 2020 12:11:24 PM
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Smiling depression is a condition where a person struggling with mild or severe depression appears happy or content on the outside.

He or she might have depression symptoms such as disinterest in activities that would otherwise bring pleasure, helplessness or hopelessness, and constant lethargy might even be suicidal. 

Smiling depression means a person with atypical depression might seem active, cheerful, and generally optimistic.

It is difficult to treat because due to the lack of obvious symptoms of depression, people with this condition might go undiagnosed, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM).

Added to that, such symptoms might seem like a personality trait of an individual. 

Also described as atypical depression, it is also more common in women than in men due to patriarchal downplaying of women's mental health. according to Harvard Health.