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Bajrang Dal Attacks Prakash Jha's Set, Claims the Show is an Assault on Hinduism

BP World Bureau | Oct 25 2021 09:28:59 AM
Image credits: Twitter

Right-wing group Bajrang Dal attacked the set of 'Ashram' season 3, a web series by Prakash Jha. The members of the Hindutva group went on a rampage. Videos shot at the scene show the crew being chased down and attacked.

Bajrang Dal members roughed up filmmaker Prakash Jha and smeared his face with black ink, reported NDTV.

A video on Twitter showed that Bajrang Dal members chasing and catching a crew member, and beating him with a metal light stand. Mr. Jha or any of the crew members haven't filed a complaint yet. But the police said they will identify and arrest the attackers. 

Senior police officer Irshad Wali told NDTV that action will be taken against those who disrupted the shooting and vandalised property today itself. He added that the film crew will be given security to ensure that something like this does not happen again.

Bajrang Dal members alleged that the web series 'Ashram' is an assault on Hinduism. The web series showed that a guru was abusing women. "Does he have the guts to make such a film on a church or madrasa? Who does he think he is?" asked Bajrang Dal leader Sushil Surhele.

He added that the organisation will not let him make this show. "So far we have just blackened Prakash Jha's face. We are looking for Bobby Deol." Bajrang Dal had demanded that the title of the show be changed.