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“Freedom from noise pollution is a human right”: SC

BP World Bureau | May 05 2022 10:42:44 PM

New Delhi: The Supreme Court ruled that the judgements related to loudspeakers were intended to protect citizens from becoming ‘forced audience’ to noise. The judgements are not influenced by any political or religious groups. The upper court intends to protect the fundamental rights of citizens to live in peace and comfort. Recently communal tensions are increasing due to the wide use of loudspeakers at various shrines. The Court noted that the freedom from noise pollution is a part of the right to live under article 21 of the Constitution.

The Supreme Court and laws are not concerned with any religion or religious practices. However, the rights and security of the people and protecting them from noise pollution are essential according to the duties of the courts. The apex court had also made it clear that nobody, from any caste and religion, has the right to create noise even on his premises or by increasing the sound of speech if it causes a nuisance to neighbours or the public. The court pointed out that there is no law to support the objective of any religion to force anyone to listen to its expression of faith.