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India Has Suffered Due To Colonial-Era Laws: Justice Narasimha

BP World Bureau | Sep 27 2021 09:27:16 AM
Image credits: Twitter

NEW DELHI: Supreme Court judge P S Narasimha opined that India as a nation has suffered for over seven decades due to colonial era laws.

He added that de-colonisation of laws is a constitutional mission for the judges.

He is set to become Chief Justice of India (CJI) in 2027. The mantle will be passed to Justice B V Nagarathna, who is set to become the first woman CJI. 

Lady Advocates of the Supreme Court organised a function recently for the felicitation of nine newly appointed judges of the top court.

Law that criminalises homosexuality is one of the colonial era laws that were read down by the supreme court. 

There are calls for reading down the sedition law which was introduced by the British to deal with Indian freedom fighters. 

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