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Karnataka HC Restrains All Forms Of Religious Attires

BP World Bureau | Feb 10 2022 06:43:37 PM
Image credits: Twitter

BENGALURU: Karnataka High Court restrained school and college students from wearing hijab or any religious attire till the matter is pending with court.
Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi, Justice Krishna S Dixit and Justice JM Khazi heard the matter regarding Muslim women's right to wear hijab in educational institutions.
"Girls faced discrimination in their classes as they were made to stand out since December last year," said advocate Sanjay Hegde who appeared on behalf of the students.
Justice Dixit heard several petitions filed by Muslim girls from Udupi. He had said that the issues had given rise to certain constitutional questions.

Educational institutions across Karnataka have been barring hijab clad girls from entering the campus citing the dress code.