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4% Of Mothers In 2019 Were Aged 15-19: Kerala Govt

BP World Bureau | Oct 02 2021 10:13:14 AM
Image credits: Twitter

NEW DELHI: Kerala government report for the year 2019 revealed that 4.37% of the mothers who delivered babies were in the age group of 15-19. 

Some of them had either had their second or third baby by 19, according to the state's Economic and Statistics Department report. 

This also indicates the presence of child marriage in Kerala despite its progress in women empowerment and literacy rate. 

It is also reported that out of the 20,995 mothers between 15 and 19, a major chunk, about 15,248, was from urban areas.

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Breaking the group up based on religion, 11,725 were Muslims, 3,132 were Hindus and 367 Christians.

Based on education, 16,139 had passed Class 10 but were not graduates, 57 were illiterate, 38 had primary-level education and 1,463 had studied between primary levels and Class 10.

Kerala as a state is trying to take steps against child marriage. 

Government has initiated a new project titled ‘Ponvakk’ to curb child marriages, where people who report child marriages are rewarded.

State government sanctioned Rs 5 lakh to District Women and Child Development Officers for this purpose.