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Kerala Govt Opposes Rapist Priest Plea Seeking To Marry Survivor

BP World Bureau | Jul 17 2020 12:59:00 PM
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Kerala state government filed a reply in the High Court opposing the bail plea of Catholic priest Robin Vadakkumchery, who made an offer to marry the girl he raped and impregnated. 

The 52-year-old priest has sought bail stating that he wants to marry the survivor and “take care” of her child born out of rape in 2017.

Public Prosecutor Suman Chakravarti said that the state objected because the survivor's life will be in danger and every rape accused will use this to avoid a jail sentence. 

The priest was sentenced to 20 years for raping the girl when she was 16. He had intimidated her family into saying that her father is responsible for her pregnancy.

The case gained attention over an article in Sunday Shalon slut-shaming the survivor for tempting and not stopping him from raping.