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Kerala HC Asks For Removal Of 'Queerphobic' Texts From MBBS Books

BP World Bureau | Sep 09 2021 11:54:45 AM
Image credits: Twitter

KOCHI: Kerala High Court has asked to cut down any ‘queerphobic’ text from MBBS books and other texts in a recent judgment, coming as a victory for the LGBT community. 

Kerala high court directed the medical education board to remove any kind of discriminatory references against the LGBTQIA community from MBBS books.

Two NGOs, Queerythm and Disha, which have been representatives of the queer community, filed petitions against the inhuman and discriminatory texts present in textbooks. 

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Describing the queer, one of the textbooks had the line, "they consist of a group of people suffering from a mental disorder, perversion and flaunting such identity is an offence."

Chief Justice S Manikumar and Justice Shaji P Chaly heard the NGOs’ petition.