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Priyanka Gandhi Asks Who Is Benefiting During BJP Tenure

BP World Bureau | Nov 07 2019 04:42:58 PM
Image credits: Twitter

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi took to Twitter to ask the Prime Minister Narendra Modi that why the US has reduced H1-B visas for Indians despite the mega programmes "Howdy, Mody".

A recent study by American think-tank shows that the restrictive immigration policies of the Donald Trump administration have led to an increase in the rejected petitions for H1-B visas. And the highest denial rate is for major Indian IT companies. 

Priyanka Gandhi said that the question everyone should ask the BJP government is that who is being benefited during their tenure.

The H1-B visa is for those seeking to work in the US. It is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreigners in a specialty occupation that requires technical expertise. Every year, the IT firms in the US often hire tens of thousands of IT professionals from India and China.

According to the study by the National Foundation for American Policy, the denial rates for H1-B visa among Indian IT professionals have increased to 24% in the third quarter of the financial year. It was 6% in 2015.

She said in another tweet that those ruling are busy in themselves while people are suffering on every front. She pointed out that the country's economy is bad, the service sector has fallen, and employment is decreasing.

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Priyanka had called out the BJP government for not being able to revive the economy several times. Earlier last month, she slammed the UP government for jailing farmers in the name of electricity bill and betraying them in the name of loan waiver. She said that the government is inventing new ways to harass farmers.

She also said that the government is ignorant of the economic slowdown and crisis faced by the automobile industry.

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