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Uttar Pradesh, worst governed state in PAC’s list, Kerala at the top

BP World Bureau | Nov 05 2021 01:28:28 PM
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In the latest Public Affairs Index, the Yogi Adityanath-governed Uttar Pradesh has been ranked as the last state for the quality of its governance. This is ahead of the upcoming assembly elections the state has received such unflattering news.

The Public Affairs Index is prepared by the Bengaluru-based think-tank Public Affairs Centre. In the list, Uttar Pradesh appeared in the 18th position after looking at three broad factors: growth, equity and sustainability that are based on 43 indicators.

But there is good news for Kerala, as it has once again been ranked as the state with the best governance that it has held since the PAC started publishing the index five years back.

In 2016, Uttar Pradesh ranked 12 on the PAC list, and in 2017, the state’s ranking slipped to the 14th position, which was retained in 2018. But it slipped again in 2019 when the state ranked 17. But since 2020, UP has been stuck at the bottom.