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Why the street vendors are struggling in Bengaluru?

BP World Bureau | May 01 2022 07:59:41 PM
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Bengaluru: It is the common people who are affected by the non-compliance of legal provisions and the incompetence of the authorities. Decades ago, the Supreme Court declared that street vendors can freely sell products anywhere across the country until the creation of vending zones. However, lots of street vendors in Bengaluru are still waiting for formal registration and demarcation. Lakhs of them are not included in the official data.

According to the estimation of the Karnataka State Vendor’s Federation, the state has six lakh street vendors including 1.5 lakh in Bengaluru Urban. However, the government allocated covid-19 assistance cash to only 2,16,439 lakh, who are registered under the Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Urban Livelihoods Mission. The authorities even have not provided proper vending zones in the city and conducted the surveys correctly.

As a result, most of the registered vendors have not been issued an ID card and the elections are not being conducted in any zones. The vendors say the information on some ID cards is incorrect and some have no information. The authorities informed them about conducting a training session for them to spread awareness about their rights. They are only expecting better living conditions and security.