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Akshay Kumar Walkathons To Experience Women’s Plight

BP World Bureau | Jan 28 2021 01:47:33 PM
Image credits: Twitter

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar walked 21 km on a treadmill to understand the plight of women who have to walk that long to get water in rural villages.

Netizens slammed him for elitism and fake feminism. Some even referred to Chetan Bhagat, who had waxed his legs to "understand" women.

He joined hands with Network18 for 'Mission Paani Waterthon' and walked on a treadmill for over 21 km to get this condition of women. 

In rural areas, women have to walk for over 20 kilometres, sometimes for hours together to get clean water for their families.

The government has been working on several initiatives to provide water to them easier and to spread awareness.