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Alia Bhatt Inconsolable While Speaking About Sister Shaheen's Battle With Depression

BP World Bureau | Dec 02 2019 12:44:25 PM
ImageCredits: Instagram

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt broke down the moment she started talking about her sister Shaheen Bhatt at ‘We The Women’ event hosted by Barkha Dutt in Mumbai.

Shaheen had revealed that she suffered from clinical depression when she was as young as 13 years of age.

On World Mental Health Day this year, she released a book named 'I've Never Been (un)Happier', describing her experience with depression and other forms of isolation.

“I felt terrible as a sister. I didn’t put myself out there enough to understand her," said Alia.

She added that despite living with her for entire life (26 years), she got to know about what her sister was going through only after reading her book.

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The actress expressed that she felt guilty for not having understood her the way she should have at times and felt terrible as a sister.

Earlier, she had posted an emotional video on Youtube with a heartwarming message for her sister.

Alia regarded her sister as a symbol of strength and empathy. She also revealed that she suffered from bouts of anxiety.

"It comes and goes. It just longs quite a bit since the past five to six months after a movie. It is not like an anxiety attack, but I just feel low at that time," said the actress.

Shaheen started an initiative called 'Here Comes The Sun' to help in spreading awareness on mental health, busting taboos and to help survivors cope with it.

She had mentioned in an interview that she still suffers from clinical depression and she wrote that post while she was in a depressive episode.

She is one of the celebrities who opened up about mental health issues after Deepika Padukone opened up about hers and launched 'The Live Love Laugh Foundation'.

Actor Arjun Kapoor shared a glimpse of the book and a hand-written note by Shaheen on his Instagram stories with a note for Alia Bhatt that her sister is a biggish star.