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Camila Cabello Says Therapy Helped Her Deal With Lockdown Anxiety

BP World Bureau | Sep 06 2021 09:38:58 AM
Image credits: Twitter

Pop singer Camila Cabello revealed that she struggled with anxiety and burnout during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown and therapy helped overcome all that. 

She used to work non-stop before the lockdown and experienced burnout. 

"I was living with a really high amount of anxiety. It was too much and it was not sustainable. I felt like I was running with a broken leg," she said. 

She is a three-time Grammy nominee and broke records with her debut single 'Havana.'

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Cabello said that she had anxiety problems since she was a teenager. Success for her came with a massive price. Now, she is making sure that she doesn't experience burnout again. 

"I've learned a lot about balance, about saying no to things," she said.

Her film 'Cinderella' is released on Amazon Prime.