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Emma, Eddie Support Trans Community, JK Rowling Pens Open Letter

BP World Bureau | Jun 11 2020 06:09:02 PM
Image credits: BP creatives

LONDON, UK: 'Harry Potter' stars Emma Watson and Eddie Redmayne broke their silence to lend their support to the transgender community amidst the controversy surrounding JK Rowling's tweets.

Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger, in the 'Wizarding Universe' took to Twitter to say that transwomen deserve to live their lives without being constantly questioned. She also reiterated her respect and support to the trans community and wished them on PRIDE month. 

Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne, who played Newt Scamander, in the 'Fantastic Beasts' series of 'Wizarding Universe' said that he disagrees with JK Rowling's comments. He added that trans women are women, trans men are men and non-binary identities are valid, and trans community should be able to live in peace. 

Earlier 'Harry Potter' stars Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Katie Leung (Cho Chang) lend their support to the trans community. 


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JK Rowling also penned an open letter regarding her experiences with domestic violence, sexual assault, and defended her tweets. 

She said that, while writing her crime novels, she researched gender by meeting trans people, reading books, blogs and articles by trans people, gender specialists, intersex people, psychologists, safeguarding experts, social workers, and doctors, and followed the discourse online.

She clarified that she "liked" some of the anti-trans" tweets accidentally while trying to take a screenshot and received threats. 

She also faced cancel culture several times, notably when she supported author and tax expert Maya Forstater.

She added that she spoke on trans rights because of her concerns regarding how it is eroding lesbian experience and women's rights. 

She also believes in freedom of speech. 

She believes that women are changing their sex due to the homophobia and misogyny attached to their identity as a lesbian. Being a woman is also not a state of mind but biology.