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Geetika Tyagi, Tanushree Dutta Slam Aamir Khan For Working With #MeToo Accused

BP World Bureau | Sep 11 2019 01:39:35 PM

MUMBAI: Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan recently made a U-turn and announced his decision to work with director Subhash Ghai who was one of the celebrities named in the 2018 #MeToo movement.

Actress Geetika Tyagi accused the veteran director of molesting her back in a report back in 2014.

Reacting to this news, Tyagi said that she is shocked as everyone else after reading about Khan's decision because he had dropped out of the film with Ghai saying that he will not work with sexual misconduct accused.

Tyagi said to the media that she feels hurt by Khan's decision because when he had announced that he will not work with Ghai, it gave her and other women the courage to speak up.

She had never asked them to speak up for her and after Ghai was rehired, no one reached out to her.

She added that both sides were never considered which would have been fair otherwise.

Aamir Khan announced on Tuesday that he will be working with Subhash Ghai because he felt bad that someone should not be kept out of work because of the allegations.

He also cited what Ghai's female colleagues have to say about him and that he is clean.

Aamir Khan had highlighted that he has had sleepless nights because Ghai was out of work.

Reacting to this statement, actress Tanushree Dutta asked why no one gets sleepless nights when a girl is harassed.

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Dutta said that her livelihood was snatched away from her due to the harassment she faced on the sets of 'Horn Ok Please' but no wrote letters to her or checked in to see if she was ok, let alone, help her get back on her feet and resurrect her career. She was instead further harassed into silence.

Aamir Khan was set to do the film 'Mogul', which is the biopic of late devotional singer Gulshan Kumar and Ghai is on board the project.

Khan had dismissed Ghai earlier and said that his company has zero tolerance towards sexual misconduct committed against women.


Geetika had appreciated Khan's decision. Today, however, she felt that Khan and other powerful men has resorted to the industry patriarchal power. She said that only women face the repercussions of sexual misconduct for complaining and are ostracised.

Khan had told that he doesn't want to ruin Ghai's livelihood and regards him innocent until proven guilty but the same consideration was never given to her since 2014.

In 2014, she has gone to the police to file the charges and did everything by the book.

Similarly, Ajay Devgan had stated that he will never work with sexual harassment accused yet he did 'De De Pyaar De' with Alok Nath.

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