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Gunjan Saxena's Response To Controversy Around Her Biopic

BP World Bureau | Aug 19 2020 12:18:42 PM
Image credits: BP creatives

Former Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot Gunjan Saxena wrote an essay responding to all the controversies surrounding the release of her biopic 'Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl.' 

The film faced flak over the depiction of sexism at the workplace, historical inaccuracies, and false information. 

Saxena wrote that when she flew into the Kargil war zone 1999, she was just trying to do her job and not set records or anything. 

She slammed the news surrounding the authenticity of her achievements and records, including her being the first woman to fly into the Kargil war zone. 

She highlighted that her name had been featured in several headlines, articles, and in the Limca Book of Records, and one of the promotion exams taken by the air force. Questioning the authenticity is questioning the IAF itself. 

She acknowledged that IAF, as an organisation, has been very open and encouraging to her and gave her many opportunities. 

However, she did face casual sexism at the workplace during her time at Udhampur station and otherwise. She added that IAF as an organisation is more significant than people who subjected her to sexism.

The film showed that IAF station did not have toilets or changing rooms for women. Saxena said that she never complained or fuss about not having toilets. The film shows her making a changing zone with curtains and lockers. 

Added to that, Flight Lieutenant (retd) Sreevidya Rajan said that she was the one who flew into the Kargil war zone. Retired Wing Commander Namrita Chandi also mentioned the same. 

Saxena said that she and Rajan were not stationed together in Srinagar.