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Filmmaker Hari Regrets Glorifying Police On-Screen After Tuticorin Deaths

BP World Bureau | Jun 29 2020 09:48:00 AM
Image credits: Twitter

CHENNAI: South Indian filmmaker Hari said that he regrets making films that glorified the police while expressing his condemnation of the police killing of father and son in Tuticorin.

Hari made hit films 'Singam' series and 'Saamy'. He said that the police as a whole have tainted their reputation due to this incident and that nothing like this should ever happen in the future.

Actor Suriya, who essayed the lead role in 'Singham' series, said that the murders were organised and questioned the authorities who let the arrest happen and the doctor who declared the two men fit.


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58-year-old P Jayaraj and 31-year-old son Bennix were both pulled in by the police for allegedly leaving their shop open beyond the COVID curfew time.

They were arrested at different times by the police for allegedly "verbally threatening them."

But, the two men were beaten, tortured and sexually abused by the police in custody and they succumbed to death eventually. 

The deaths led to massive outrage in Tamil Nadu where several Tamil film celebrities took to Twitter to demand justice for Jeyaraj and his son.

So far, the three officers involved have been suspended but no FIR has been registered.

Authorities continue to deny that the men's deaths were due to torture.