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'Helen': A Film Based On Real-Life Incident

BP World Bureau | Nov 22 2019 11:34:01 AM
ImageCredits: YouTube

Malayalam movie 'Helen' opened to critical and commercial acclaim making it a great deal for the director Mathukutty Xavier and actress Anna Ben who played the lead role.

The film is being lauded by various critics as a compelling survival drama about a young woman who gets trapped inside a freezer. The film shows Helen's attempts to survive inside the cold freezer at night. At the same time, her father played by actor Lal desperately look for her.

One of the key moments that helped them find her is the watchman who noticed that Helen didn't greet him like she always did.

'Helen's storyline is similar to a real-life incident where a woman was trapped inside the freezer similarly.

In a meat factory, one of the women workers, whose job was to inspect the meat products, ended up trapped inside a freezer which is sub-zero temperature room.

The frigid door can be opened only from the outside and she was inside with no one outside to help her. She did scream out loud for help but all the factory workers had gone home and the room itself is soundproof.

She was trapped inside the freezer for five hours and almost fell into a state of hypothermia.

However, she was saved by a night's security guard. The security guard gave a heartfelt reason as to why he felt she might be in there. He had been working in the factory for the past 35 years and the majority of the workers treated him like he was invisible except her.

She wished in the morning and said goodnight to him before leaving the factory.

On that day, she wished him in the morning but he did not hear "bye, good night from her". He always looks forward to her greeting but made him feel like he is someone.

That night, after noticing her absence, he went around to look for her and that's when he found her in the freezer, near death.

This incident happened in the West and it was a major piece that hit people's hearts. The woman's rescue was a result of a little bit of kindness she chose to give the security guard.

The makers of the film probably had this incident in there and chose to develop the film to give out this message of being kind.

Several Malayalam films have been made based on real-life incidents. The movie 'Finals' was based on a promising cyclist who was killed during a competition. But unlike Finals, the filmmakers of 'Helen' did not give credit to this incident.