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Madras HC Judge Seeks Action Against Suriya For Remarks On Judiciary

BP World Bureau | Sep 14 2020 01:32:26 PM
Image credits: Twitter

CHENNAI: Justice SM Subramaniam of the Madras High Court wrote to the High Court Chief Justice to initiate contempt proceedings against Tamil star Suriya after his comments on NEET exams. 

He said that if Suriya's comments criticised the judges and the judicial system of the country then it would warrant contempt proceedings. 

Suriya released a statement after three students took their lives over NEET and after the exams ended, expressing his pain on the student's decision to take their lives. 

He regarded NEET and similar exams as ‘Manu Dharma tests' and called for voices to unite against it. He also came down heavily on the government and court for the unfairness. 

He pointed out that education policies are framed by those who are unaware of the ground realities of the poor and the downtrodden and that students are forced to prove their eligibility amidst a dangerous pandemic. 

He took a dig at courts saying that while justice is being provided through video-conferencing over the fear of infection, the court has ordered the students to be fearless and appear for the exams in person.

Justice SM Subramaniam's focus was on that statement by Suriya and said that he saw the actor’s statement on NEET and entrance exams on TV. It only hurts the integrity of the judges and courts, he said in his letter to Chief Justice AP Sahi.