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Shree Saini Speaks About Facial Burns

BP World Bureau | Mar 19 2022 04:40:49 PM
Image credits: Twitter

Shree Saini, the first runner-up for Miss World 2021, has been inducted in the 'beauty with a purpose' category because she is a survivor of burns and is a heart patient. 

Due to an accident, she suffered from severe burn injuries that left her disfigured. She couldn't cry as tears caused a painful burning sensation.
Due to a pacemaker, she kept in her heart at the age of 12, she could not even dance as per her doctor's warnings but she did not give up.
“All of us maybe going through some challenges in our lives and I want to share about my personal experience to encourage people. to keep being solution-oriented. to never lose sight of hope. to have a possibility mindset. and to apply solutions to everyday difficulties," she wrote on Instagram.