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South Indian Women Stars Come In Teen Actress' Defence Over Slut-shaming

BP World Bureau | Sep 16 2020 12:49:05 PM
Image credits: BP creatives

KOCHI: Several Malayalam actresses came to 18-year-old Anaswara Rajan's defence after she was bullied and abused online for posting a photo where she was wearing shorts.

Stars such as Rima Kallingal, Parvathy, Nazriya, Ahaana Krishna, and Apoorva Bose raised their voice against moral policing and slut-shaming by posting that women have legs too. 

Ameya Mathew posted a photo of herself sitting on a chair in a white shirt and shorts, presenting the reality that men have legs too. 

Another social media troll page compared the comments under the picture of Tovino Thomas wearing shorts where he praised her strong physique. 

Eli Kutty, an American woman who is known on Instagram for learning and teaching Malayalam, said that people should quit moral policing and putting women in a box.