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Film Critic Sucharita Tyagi Faces Flak For Her Review On Kabir Singh

BP World Bureau | Jun 22 2019 12:22:11 PM
Image credits:bpcreatives

Former Radio show host and film critic Sucharita Tyagi called out the problematic depiction of the male lead and toxic masculinity in Shahid Kapoor starrer 'Kabir Singh' in her web series 'Current Not A Movie Reviewer'. She faced trolling from online fans of the film.

"Congratulations Kabir Singh. This is what you’ve spawned," she wrote retweeting a guy who called out her review.

However, several users appreciated her review, especially for calling out the toxic masculinity of the film.

Making fun of her trolls, she posted a selfie of herself reading the Tweets slamming her review.


"I’m gonna mute the hashtag #KabirSinghReview as I can’t go through same anxiety and trauma all over again. If you plan to go watch that shit- remember to prioritise your mental health- it has sexual harassment, abuse, toxic masculinity, heroic misogyny and casteism. All in one," wrote a user.

Another user defended her saying that "romanticising" itself is a genre and the film romanticised toxic masculinity.

'Kabir Singh' is a remake of Telugu hit film 'Arjun Reddy' which itself was slammed for the depiction abusive relationships and the hero's problematic behaviour.

Actor Shahid Kapoor defended the film saying that it was meant to show the flawed nature of his character as real.

"Cinema will look boring if all characters are shown as morally good," he said. He added that the film intends to show that Kabir Singh's self-destructive nature will get him in trouble and that he wouldn't want to be like him.

Sucharita Tyagi is known for her feminist reviews and analysis.