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Swara Bhasker's Petition Demanding Fair Inquiry Into JNU Attack

BP World Bureau | Jan 09 2020 10:39:18 AM
Image credits: Twitter

NEW DELHI: Bollywood actress Sara Bhasker announced that she made a petition on the social justice website '' which demands a fair inquiry into mob violence in Jawaharlal Nehru University. 

Bhasker is a former student of the JNU and she regards it as her home. She wrote that her “home” was attacked by masked hooligans and a violent mob. 

She mentioned the viral photos and videos of injured students and staff from across the university including the hostel.

She and other people from the showbiz industry received messages from students in JNU, begging her to call the police and stop the attack. 

According to the eyewitnesses, 250 police personnel were standing outside the JNU campus main gates for almost three hours while masked mob were creating a ruckus. Which means that there was a complete break down of law and order in the state, she wrote. 


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Her petition demands the Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court set up an independent judicial inquiry into the identity of the masked goons who attacked the students, teachers, security guards and vandalised the property in JNU.

As per the eye-witnesses, students were protesting peacefully in the campus yet they were attacked by goons like how Jamia Millia Islamia students were attacked. 

As of now, Swara's petition has 50,000 supporters and over 69K have signed the petition. 

While many supported her, the right-wing continues to attack and defame for spreading "propaganda" and bigotry. 

Swara is one of the Bollywood celebrities who have been dissenting against the ruling BJP government vocally. She had been voicing against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act and National Registry of Citizens.