I Spoke Him In Hindi But Grylls Doesn’t Know It, People Are Curious To Know About It: PM Modi
Aug 25 2019 06:02:56 PM

PM Modi has disclosed the trick behind their immediate conversations. He said that the technology has played a great role in between them.

IAS Officer Kannan Gopinathan Resigns Over Scrapping Special Status Of J&K
Aug 25 2019 01:08:55 PM

The IAS officer who is from Kerala told media that his resignation will not cause anything even worth a flutter. But one’s own conscience to answer to.

Texas Woman Finds 3.72 Carat Diamond While Watching Video On How To Find Diamonds
Aug 22 2019 02:35:20 PM

"I was just sitting in the shade and was watching a YouTube video on how to find diamonds.

Priyanka Gandhi Posts Emotional Tribute On Her Father's 75th Birth Anniversary
Aug 20 2019 01:20:24 PM

On the occasion of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's 75th birth anniversary, daughter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra posted an emotional tribute to him.

Self-proclaimed Babar’s Descendent Claims Ownership Over Ayodhya Land, Offers Gold Brick To Build Temple
Aug 19 2019 05:28:34 PM

Habeebuddin Tucy, the self-proclaimed descendant of the last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar, said he was the sole heir to the disputed Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi land.

Elderly TN Couple Who Fought Armed Robbers With Chair Get Bravery Awards
Aug 16 2019 11:51:58 AM

The couple said that there were prepared for an attack anytime because their farmhouse was located at the edge of the village, which is very close to the forest.

Pilot Hailed As Hero As Russian Plane Makes Emergency Landing
Aug 15 2019 08:59:13 PM

The villain or villains in this story are a flock of seagulls that hit the plane. The birds hit both the engines, necessitating an emergency landing.

Sitaram Yechury Finds Very Little To Celebrate In ‘Darkest Atmosphere’
Aug 13 2019 09:29:17 PM

Yechury said the current atmosphere in India is at its darkest point preventing him from celebrating his birthday.

Zomato Deliveryboys Protest Over Beef, Pork Delivery In Bengal
Aug 13 2019 01:18:02 PM

As per sources Right-Wing parties are affiliated in organising the protests.

Street Side Clothes Vendor Of Kerala Wins Million Hearts For His Compassion Towards Needy
Aug 13 2019 12:28:14 PM

Kerala is witnessing not only the dreadful scenes of flood but has ceaseless love, humanity and unity coming from every corner of the society.

15-Km-Long Tricolour In Chhattisgarh, Enters Champions Book Of World Records
Aug 12 2019 05:03:40 PM

Chhattisgarh's capital Raipur's Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam Foundation set up a human chain that unfurled a 15-km long national flag on Sunday.

Convicted US financier Jeffrey Epstein found dead
Aug 11 2019 09:15:30 PM

Convicted US financier Jeffrey Epstein was found dead on Saturday morning in his prison cell. Reports suggest he hanged himself on Friday night.