Skin doctors share invaluable tips on beauty kits during travel
Jan 16 2020 03:07:19 PM

Whether you are packing an in-flight beauty kit to help you freshen up before landing or going on a long adventure, you need to carry your basic makeup kit.

Occupational Burnout Linked With Heart Arrhythmia
Jan 15 2020 12:58:19 PM

Burnout syndrome can lead to potentially deadly heart rhythm disturbance, according to a study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

White Gajar Halwa From Sheeren Bhawan Hot Favourite For 40 Years
Jan 15 2020 12:46:06 PM

Sheeren Bhawan, located near Jama Masjid, Old Delhi is famous for their white gajar halwa.

5-Year-Old Boy Gets Guinness Record For Taekwondo, Credits Sister As Inspiration
Jan 14 2020 01:44:27 PM

Aashman Taneja made a Guinness world record for himself at the age of five in Taekwondo.

Tips To Let Go Of The Past This New Year
Jan 09 2020 06:23:21 PM

Amidst all the festivities and resolutions, one thing that can actually make you happy this January is letting go of your past. Holding on to the past is self-destructing behaviour.

What Does The New Winter Dating Term 'Snowmanning' Means
Jan 08 2020 04:57:28 PM

Meeting new people at parties and quickly start dating under the influence of festive vibe is a phenomenon of the holiday season. But what happens when the festivities are over?

Why The Concept Of Starting Fresh On The New Year Is So Appealing
Jan 07 2020 06:41:36 PM

In the US, divorce rate spikes in January because a lot of people are looking to start fresh in the new year.

Why 12 Bottles Of Wine Are Sent To The International Space Station
Jan 06 2020 02:25:59 PM

Astronauts in the International Space Station cannot enjoy a fresh sip of wine.

'They' - The Word Of The Decade
Jan 05 2020 07:03:54 PM

The past decade was revolutionary in terms of tolerance and acceptance. The global language is also reflecting this change.

Sidhant Chaturvedi's Response To Ananya Pandey On Nepotism And Privilege
Jan 04 2020 05:36:39 PM

Actor Sidhant Chaturvedi's response to star kid Ananya Pandey is winning the internet.

Different Types of Minimalism
Jan 02 2020 03:44:18 PM

The world has been embracing minimalism in the past few years. YouTubers and Instagram influencers love it.

An Arial View of Indian Politics in 2019
Dec 31 2019 04:56:16 PM

The year 2019 has been a tumultuous year for Indian politics that has witnessed ground-breaking changes which have been structural, the impact of which can have long term implications.