The Science Behind Tears Of Joy
Oct 13 2019 01:27:10 PM

We all have been moved to tears by moments of sheer happiness. According to experts, emotional tears are unique to humans.

Dark Circles: Why It Forms Around The Eyes When We Are Awake
Oct 13 2019 12:45:12 PM

If a person gets enough sleep and still dark circles exist, then it may be due to allergies, eczema, nasal congestion, irregular pigmentation or genetics.

Where is the right spot for tulsi plant
Oct 12 2019 05:53:25 PM

In Indian tradition, a tulsi plant is a must-have in every home. Tulsi is a simple herb with medicinal properties.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Wins Nobel Peace Prize
Oct 11 2019 04:44:19 PM

The 43-year-old has taken many strong policies to bring reformations to his society and to reshape dynamics beyond its border.

Why One Should Have Food On Banana Leaves?
Oct 10 2019 06:05:12 PM

India as a nation has seen a longstanding tradition where people have food on a banana leaf.

Sneakers Filled With Holy Water Sold Out Within Minutes
Oct 10 2019 04:28:29 PM

The shoes were injected with holy water. And the water can be seen floating on the sole.

Why Is Chocolate The Most Popular Ice Cream Flavour?
Oct 08 2019 05:02:36 PM

Icecreams help in loosing weight, provides essential nutrients, boost your sex drive and may also help to fight infertility.

BSF On High Alert After Pakistan Drone Sighted In Indian Border
Oct 08 2019 02:58:47 PM

The Border Security Force (BSF) along the Pakistan border in Punjab’s Hussainiwala sector are on high alert after a drone from Pakistan’s side was spotted.

IAF's 87th Birthday: Defence Minister To Induct India's First Rafale Fighter Jet
Oct 08 2019 10:23:38 AM

On the 87th birth anniversary of Indian Air Force (IAF), Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will take delivery of India's new multirole fighter jet Rafale in France today.

Taliban Releases 3 Indian Hostages For 11 Of Their Leaders
Oct 08 2019 09:30:00 AM

Three Indians have been released by the Taliban militant group in Afghanistan in exchange of 11 of its top leaders from jails.

Why Your Mouth Burns After Eating Fresh Pineapple
Oct 05 2019 01:06:47 PM

Pineapple is the poster fruit for tropical holidays. The happy-yellow colour, the sweetness, and the freshness contribute to its popularity.

Keep Peace Lily In Your Room Helps Relieve Stress
Oct 03 2019 02:57:21 PM

Peace Lily is a popular plant found in America and Asia. This flower has a peculiar appearance with spadix surrounded by a whitish spathe.