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Light Consumption Of Alcoholic Beverages Is Beneficial

BP World Bureau | Dec 04 2021 09:12:38 AM
Image credits: Twitter

Moderate consumption of alcohol can help reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and death among people who have heart-related ailments, according to a study published in the journal BMC Medicine.

After collecting data from various people, researchers noted that people who consumed 8 grams per day had a 27% lower risk of death from a heart attack, stroke, or angina compared to teetotalers.

However, the risk of getting this disease increases when the quantity of consumption also increases.

"People with CVD (cardiovascular disease) may not need to stop drinking in order to prevent additional heart attacks, strokes or angina," said Chengyi Ding, co-author of the study and research student at University College, London.

Consuming alcoholic products can increase the risk of developing other disorders linked to the liver and all.