Bras And Sanitary Pads Used As Masks In Coronavirus Hit Wuhan

BP World Bureau | Feb 01 2020 04:49:55 PM
Image credits: beyond pink creatives

The outbreak of coronavirus in China’s Wuhan province literally dried out the situation as markets are running out of stock, particularly gas masks. This forced citizens to resort to unusual ways to protect themselves from the deadly virus that has killed over 170 people. 

People are using cut braziers, sanitary napkins and fruit peels as masks. The double layer of the sanitary napkins served as good protection for people. Images of people cutting up bras to make "bra masks" also went viral.

Due to the lack of gas masks, people had to check for alternatives because the authorities said that they must change the mask every four hours, especially if they go out. 

Public use of sanitary napkins came as a wonder due to the country's conservative overall views on female sexuality.