Looking At Colours Can Lift Your Mood. Here's How

BP World Bureau | Nov 02 2021 10:28:20 AM
Image credits: pinterest

Colours do not just make things look attractive. It is also proven it can affect your mood, feelings, and emotions.
Colours have been associated with lower blood pressure, increased metabolism, and improved quality of life, under a major study called "colour psychology."
Colour psychology deals with how colours it has made a significant impact on people’s moods, feelings, and behaviours.
Warm colours like red and orange can make someone feel fuzzy or trigger intense emotions like anger.

Here are colours that make one happy;

1. Blue colour represents calm, gentleness and peace. It lowers blood pressure levels, reduces anxiety, slows down your heart rate, and helps one manage stress.
2. Green colour is soothing and calming and helps to calm down anxiety as a colour associated with nature.
3. Pink colour helps to diffuse anxiety and fills a room with positive energy as a colour associated with joy.
4. White represents purity and freshness and makes people feel at peace as a colour that also mark new beginnings.