Hillary Clinton's Subtle Dig At James Comey Who Wants More Women Leaders

BP World Bureau | Aug 19 2020 03:52:11 PM
Image credits: Twitter

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took a subtle dig at former FBI director James Comey who called for more women in the office.

Comey tweeted that the 19 amendment anniversary marks women's right to vote but it alone is not enough. There have to be more women in the office and Vice President Candidate and Virginia Governor are good steps, referring to Kamala Harris and Jennifer McClellan respectively. 

Hillary Clinton responded to his tweet with a gif of herself, from Zach Galifinikis's show, where she looks exasperated and sarcastic. 

Clinton competed against Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential elections. Her campaign was affected by Comey's decision to launch a probe into the 'Email Scandal' which was deemed unnecessary and ill-timed at the time. 

The FBI investigation affected her presidential campaign which would have made history with her becoming the first woman president. 

Comey was later fired by Trump from the post of FBI director after he was looking into his ties with Russia.