What's Viral? Dr Li Gets Apology, Spanish Couple Marriage Amidst Quarantine

BP World Bureau | Mar 21 2020 04:54:03 PM
Image credits: Twitter

* China exonerated Dr. Li Wenliang from all charges related to spreading panic and hoax. He was the early whistleblowers regarding the novel Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China. Dr. Li's family also received a formal apology from the ruling Communist Party's top disciplinary body.

* Spanish couple Alba Díaz and Daniel Camino got married amidst a complete lockdown in Spain. They exchanged their wedding vows from their windows.

*The 98-year-old Karthyayini Amma wrote a letter to those undergoing quarantine, thanking them for protecting her. Coronavirus affects elderly people more than youngsters. 

* US President Donald Trump threw a tantrum at a reporter who questioned him about what he would say to people who are scared. Trump said that he asked a terrible question.