Woman Saves Four Year Old Daughter From Kidnappers In Delhi

BP World Bureau | Jul 24 2020 10:32:21 AM
Image credits: Twitter

A woman was caught on camera saving her four-year-old daughter from two men on bikes who tried to kidnap the child from her house in East Delhi’s Shakarpur.

The viral video shows that woman Sangeeta, running after the man and pulling her daughter from his clutches, also pushed the bike rider, causing him to fall.

The biker then gets up and starts the bike while the other person flees on foot. 

The accused threatened the neighbours who rushed to the woman’s aid, attacking the kidnappers and trying to block their way, with a weapon. 

The police traced and arrested one of the attackers. They also arrested Upender, the child’s paternal uncle who allegedly planned the kidnapping to get money from his brother Tarun, as he was in debt. 

Netizens appreciated the woman's quick thinking and determination to save the child from the kidnappers.