World Emoji Day 2020: Popular Form Of Expression

BP World Bureau | Jul 17 2020 06:13:38 PM
Image credits: pinterest

Emojis are digital icons that made communication easier and fun between friends and family. A wide range of emotions conveys great meaning to the sentence. 

World Emoji Day is a global celebration of this icon. Apart from the commonly used yellow faces with a range of emotions, emojis are also objects, animals, activities, and faces.

Johanna Nichols, former professor of linguistics, said that emojis don't qualify as a language but work exceptionally well as a system of visual expression.

Jeremy Burge created the unofficial holiday called the world emoji day. 

Burge is also known as the founder of Emojipedia and the day is observed on July 17, which is famously the date on the calendar emoji on iPhone device.