Bihar Elections: Women Voters Outnumber Men, CM Gets Tough Questions

BP World Bureau | Oct 24 2020 01:02:24 PM
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PATNA, BIHAR: Women voters outnumber men in the assembly elections, which is a trend that has been seen in the last five years. 

In 2015, women overtook their male counterparts by a huge margin, with 60.48% of them turning out to vote compared to 53.32% men. 

The presence of women voters was regarded as the highest since the report from 1962. 

Within the five-year time gap, the elections continue to see an increase in the number of women voters.

During the election that brought Nitish Kumar to power, the woman voter share crossed the 60% mark even as the men saw a slight 2% increase with JD(U) leader taking several measures seen as pro-women. 

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This time, the Nitish Kumar administration faces tough questions from women. 

His pro-women schemes, like cycles for girl students, the expansion of women self-help groups under the Jeevika programme, reservation of 50% of seats for women at the panchayat level, and the prohibition law, were questioned. 

Kumar's government introduced a prohibition law, in April 2016, where alcohol products were banned due to an increase in consumption in poorer households leading to economic problems and domestic violence. 

Women have to work twice as hard to provide but are also doing domestic work. They want to ensure their children's tuition despite their abusive husbands.