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COVID Updates: India's Daily Tally Below 51K

BP World Bureau | Oct 25 2020 10:47:09 AM
Image credits: BP creatives

NEW DELHI: India has finally reported a daily COVID-19 tally that is below 51,000. With 50,129 reported in 24 hours, the country's total tally has been pushed to 78,64,811 and out of that, 6,68,154 are active cases, 70,78,123 people have recovered and 1,18,534 people died. 

Andaman and Nicobar reported 18 new Covid-19 cases and eight recoveries in the last 24 hours. 

Union ministry said that four states account for more than half of the total recovered cases and 44% active caseload of the country is contributed by them as well. 

An expert group is currently developing the blueprint for conducting the country’s largest immunization drive against COVID-19 for 2021.

Features include; SMS delivered to the beneficiary days before vaccination, detailing the time and place; a QR code certificate, generated after each dose; and, health facilities. 

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Globally, there are 4,26,04,916 cases of COVID-19 and out of that, 1,26,92,683 are active cases, 2,87,62,464 people have recovered and 11,48,769 people died. 

Italian government planned further restrictions to contain a resurgence of the Coronavirus pandemic, despite the second night of street protests against curfews.

In France, the health ministry said that the country logged 45,422 new confirmed coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours and 138 people died.