Defence Ministry To Put Embargo On Import Of 101 Items For Atmanirbhar

BP World Bureau | Aug 09 2020 11:11:27 AM
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NEW DELHI: Defence minister Rajnath Singh announced that India is pushing for atmanirbhar or self-dependent initiative by putting 101 items put on an embargo to boost indigenisation of production. 

The 101 items that have been put under embargo by the defence ministry include: 

  1. 120mm Fin Stabilised Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot (FSAPDS) Mark II Ammunition
  2. 7.62x51 Sniper Rifle
  3. Tracked Self Propelled (SP) Gun (155mm x 52 Cal)
  4. Towed Artillery Gun (155mm x 52 Cal)
  5. Short Range Surface to Air Missiles (Land variant)
  6. Shipborne Cruise Missiles
  7. Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) (Pinaka Variant)
  8. Simulators Presenting Smart Ranges And Multi-Function Targets
  9. Battalion Support Weapons Simulators
  10. Container-based Simulators for Live Fire Training
  11. Tailor-made Simulators for Counter Insurgency (CI)/Counter Terrorism (CT) based Training
  12. Force-on-force Live Tactical Simulators / Infantry Weapon
  13. Tank Simulators (driving, as well as, crew gunnery)
  14. 155mm/39 Cal Ultra-Light Howitzer
  15. Successor of Flycatcher &Upgraded Super Fledermaus (USFM) / Air Defence Fire Control Radar (ADFCR)
  16. Component Level Repair Facility for Tank T-90
  17. Shipborne Close-in Weapon System
  18. BulletProof Jackets
  19. Ballistic Helmets
  20. Missile Destroyers
  21. Multi-Purpose Vessel
  22. Offshore Patrol Vessel
  23. Next-Generation Missile Vessels
  24. Anti-Submarine Warfare Shallow Water Crafts
  25. Water Jet Fast Attack Craft
  26. Ammunition Barges
  27. 50 ton Bollard - Pull Tugs
  28. Survey Vessels
  29. Floating Dock
  30. Diving Support Vessels
  31. Pollution Control Vessels
  32. Anti-Submarine Rocket Launchers
  33. Shipborne Medium-Range Gun
  34. Torpedo Tube Launcher for Light Weight Torpedoes
  35. Magneto-Rheological Anti Vibration Mounts
  36. All variants of Depth Charges
  37. Shipborne Sonar System for Large Ships
  38. Hull Mounted Submarine Sonar
  39. Short Range Maritime Reconnaissance Aircraft
  40. Anti-Submarine Rocket
  41. Chaff Rockets
  42. Chaff Rocket Launcher
  43. Integrated Ship’s Bridge System
  44. Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) MK I A - Enhanced Indigenised Content
  45. Light Combat Helicopters
  46. General Purpose Pre Fragmentation Bombs between 250-500 Kg
  47. Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) for Transport Aircraft
  48. Ground-Based Mobile ELINT System
  49. Transport Aircraft (Light)
  50. GSAT-6 Satellite Terminals
  51. Aerial Delivery Systems for Transport Aircraft
  52. Digital Tropo Scatter/LOS Communication System
  53. Low-Level Transportable Radar
  54. High Power Radar (HPR)
  55. CBRN Detection & Monitoring System
  56. CBRN Decontamination & Protection System
  57. Parachute Tactical Assault (PTA)- G2
  58. Dragunov Upgrade System
  59. PKMG Upgrade System
  60. Simulators for A Vehicles / B Vehicles
  61. Simulators for Towed and Self Propelled Guns of Air Defence
  62. Simulators for Correction of Fire by Observers
  63. Military trucks of 4x4 and above variants: 12x12, 10x10, 8x8, 6x6
  64. Fixed Wing Mini UAVs
  65. 500 Ton Self Propelled Water Barges
  66. Software Defined Radio (TAC) for IN
  67. Next-Generation Maritime Mobile Coastal Battery (Long Range)
  68. Advanced Landing Ground Communication Terminals (ALGCTs)for AGLs
  69. Field Artillery Tractor (FAT) 6X6 for Medium Guns
  70. Wheeled Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV)
  71. Light Machine Gun

72.125 mm Fin Stabilised Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot (FSAPDS)New Generation Ammunition

  1. Assault Rifle 7.62 x 39mm
  2. 30 mm Ammunition for Infantry Fighting Systems
  3. Mine Fragmentation
  4. Mine Anti-tank
  5. Mine Anti-Personnel Blast
  6. Multipurpose Grenade
  7. Inertial Navigation System for Ship Application
  8. Conventional Submarines
  9. 40mm UBGL (Under Barrel Grenade Launcher)
  10. Lightweight Rocket Launcher
  11. 155 mm Artillery Ammunition
  12. EW Systems
  13. Material Handling Crane 2.5 to 7.5 Tons (Vehicle Mounted)
  14. GRAD BM Rocket
  15. 30MM HEI/HET
  16. ASTRA-MK I Beyond Visual Range Air to Air Missile (BVR AAM)
  17. EW Suit for MI-17 V5
  18. Communication Satellite GSAT-7C
  19. Satellite GSAT 7R
  20. Basic Trainer Aircraft (BTA)
  21. Expendable Aerial Targets
  22. Small Jet Engines with 120kgf thrust
  23. Light Low-Level Terrain Radar (LLLWR)
  24. Close-in Weapon System (Land based)
  25. 23 mm ZU Ammunitions
  26. 30mm VOG 17
  27. Electronic Fuses for Artillery Ammunitions
  28. Bi- Modular Charge System (BMCS )
  29. Long-Range – Land Attack Cruise Missile

The domestic industry will receive contracts worth four lakh crore rupees within the next six to seven years and this embargo will be implemented in phases between 2020 and 2024, according to Mr Rajnath Singh.