Former Air Chief Dhanoa Calls Rafale A 'Game Changer'

BP World Bureau | Jul 29 2020 01:18:12 PM
Image credits: pinterest

NEW DELHI: Former Air Chief Marshal B. S Dhanoa said that the Indian Air Force with Rafale fighter as its spearhead weapon will decide the outcome of the battle with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in case the red flag goes up.

For induction into the IAF, five Rafale fighters will land at Ambala air base today from France.

Dhanoa is the chief architect of February 26, 2019 airstrikes on Balakot, post-Pulwama terror attack which killed over 40 CRPF soldiers.

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Dhanoa said that due to Rafale's features such as meteor beyond visual range missile and SCALP air to a ground weapon with its terrain-following capability outguns any threat produced by the Chinese, the jets are at the top of the line electronic warfare suite.

He cited the major threat presented by the Chinese J-20 fifth-generation fighter but is confident about Rafale's capabilities.