India Facing Foreign Diplomatic Tensions Post-CAA

BP World Bureau | Dec 30 2019 09:58:11 AM
Image credits: Twitter

NEW DELHI: Indian government is facing growing unease within the foreign diplomatic community over the BJP-led NDA government moves like the abrogation of Article 370 and the passage of  Citizenship (Amendment) Act. 

Diplomats from 16 countries across all continents expressed their concerns regarding the passage of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. 

The government had briefed the diplomats regarding abrogation of Article 370, Pulwama terror attack, Balakot strike and Ayodhya verdict but they did not mention the CAA.

An ambassador from a G-20 country said that CAA has dimension as three nations; Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh were mentioned in the new law. So, they had expected India to address it.

CAA grants illegal immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh with Indian citizenship if they are Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Jains and Parsis. Diplomats also expressed concerns about Muslims being excluded and how they will be treated. 

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Diplomats also wanted to check if the Indian government is bothered about the international criticisms of the law. 

Although PM Modi is responsive, Home Minister Amit Shah is nor bothered about the international criticisms. 

An ambassador from Europe said that India's position on CAA before the international community is becoming weaker. The fact that the protestors and dissenters are getting intimidated, tortured and arrested shows the nation lack of tolerance against opposing views. 

A diplomat from G-20 country pointed out the deportation of a German student and a Norwegian tourist for taking part in the anti-CAA protests. Though, they were deported for violating the visa norms, according to the Indian authorities. 

After the nation witnessed massive protests, US, UK, France and Australia government issues travel advisories to the tourists coming to India. Similarly, Malaysia criticised the Indian government's moves on Article 370 and CAA.

Bangladesh Foreign Minister A K Abdul Momen said that CAA and NRC will weaken the country's status as a secular nation. 

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